Aaries, Restaurant Worker


By Katie Russo

The Cosi chain of restaurants is known for quick, hot food in the line of soups, sandwiches and coffee. Like many restaurants, they have small eateries on college campuses, and Fordham University’s Cosi is a favorite of students looking for non-traditional campus food. The friendly but busy cashiers at the front entrance make quick work of an always-growing line, and Aaries is no exception. When observed from a table in the establishment, she made brief connections with the students, recognizing and interacting with some, as well as talking and laughing with her coworkers. She was just as friendly and helpful when approached to be interviewed, and enthusiastically answered all questions.

Aaries was born at the very beginning of March in 1994, in Harlem. She has lived there her whole life, currently at 155th Street and 8th Avenue. The Polo Grounds and Sugar Hill are still a favorite neighborhood, and she remembers a childhood there fondly, with a close-knit community of neighbors. She attended public school at PS 9 (also known as the Sarah Anderson School, located on 84th Street), then attended High School for the Humanities (Bayard Rustin Education Complex) in Chelsea, on West 18th Street between Eighth and Ninth Avenues. After graduating high school, Aaries completed a year of college at the New York Film Academy, studying producing.

Her first job was a retail sales associate at Banana Republic, with the follow-up observation that “they don’t pay enough.” The $9.00 an hour in retail makes her appreciate the higher $12.00 wage at Cosi, which helps her

pay her bills from college. She also enjoys the people she meets at Cosi, both students and staff—but she enjoys interaction with her coworkers the most. Aaries says she likes the fun times she has with her coworkers, saying that they laugh and play on the job, and it isn’t as strenuous even at busy times due to the coworkers’ rapport. She describes her work environment as a family.

When asked about her dreams, Aaries said that she would like to produce her first film within the next year or two. She is decidedly in favor of comedies, and pure comedy at that; she does not care for rom-coms. Her favorite comedian right now is Kevin Hart and her favorite classic comedian is Richard Pryor. Her plan is to stay here in New York, and then reassess later, as flexible as all good producers are.

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