This website is an invitation for workers of all sort to share their lives, to give witness and tell people what the workplace is like.

We depend, therefore, on a trusting relationship with visitors and those who want to browse through whatever stories we collect. While we provide the opportunity for readers to comment, we expect comments to be civil and helpful and will block those who abuse our systems.

We are in hopes that seeing some stories from the workplace may embolden others.

There is no one way to tell stories. We like testimony, poetry, fantasy, drama, visual stories or audio stories.

“When you write— The important thing is to really focus on the details- who you are, where you’re from, what drew you to health care in the first place, the justice side of health care in particular, and to the belief that you could actually do something about it. The key to an effective public narrative is not only telling us what you did, but why you did it, and not in terms of “justice out there”, but, rather the sources of “justice in here,” in you!” –

Marshall Ganz