The Job of My Dreams

by Francisco Javier Llamas

When I was a child, I was always watching American films about “Wall Street”. Perhaps, unbeknown to me, I wanted to copy that lifestyle. I guess I admired that way of working. I admired the passion for accomplishing objectives, that ambition and desire to succeed. A place where if you work you get it.

At the age of 18, I decided to study economics at the university. I studied finances as a subject and the exchange and financial market was the best part for me. I was gradually taking steps to learn about this subject.

After five years working in a company, I chose to do a Master´s on Executive Financial Management. Intriguingly, during this Master`s I had 10 days of practical training in New York. We visited different big companies and we spent a morning watching the stock exchange.

After this trip, I was clear about the fact that I would want to work in New York. It’s been eight years since then. I convinced my wife to come here to work. She accepted and she found a good job in New York. Currently, my job is to improve my English. However, I hope my dream will be fulfilled soon.

Picture Francisco Llamas

Francisco Javier Llamas is from Spain. He has lived in New York City since December 2016. He wants to live here a few years. First of all, he has to learn and improve his English. He would like to do a finances related course, and then he wants to work in this city that he admires. Achieving these goals would be a dream for him.  Francisco write, “The course at the Harlem Library is helping me while I enjoy doing sports in Central Park. Will I finish the New York Marathon?”

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