In the Kitchen – My First Job

by Fernando Angelo Ixcoy 

 I think the first thing I can say about my first job is when I moved to the United States, I didn’t understand the language.  That’s why I could not communicate with others.  Let´s start.

My first work in this country was at the kitchen in a restaurant, which is a very regular and normal part of life for people that don´t have legal status.  I want a better job in the future, but I need to work in the restaurant for now.

The point here is that the chef is a native speaker from here.  When he wanted to say something about the job I did not understand and I could not respond back.  That´s why I understood that is necessary to learn English.

Fernando Angelo Ixcoy is from Guatemala.  He is studying English at the Harlem Library.  He hopes to go to college and study finance.

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