Tiffany, Bookstore cashier

by Victoria Van DeMark

When at the Fordham University Bookstore, one might meet Tiffany, a young, friendly and helpful employee. Tiffany works as a cashier and is always ready to assist customers in need. She works 15 hours a week during which she works at the check-out counter, stocks shelves, and helps students.

Tiffany grew up in a small family of both African descent on her Father’s side and Portuguese descent on her Mother’s side. Although originally from Brooklyn, Tiffany grew up, with her family, in the northern Bronx. For high school, she attended Fredrick Douglas Academy in Harlem. When asked about the best advice she ever received, Tiffany responded by saying “life goes on.”

One of Tiffany’s unique talents is her ability to play the violin. She began playing in 2001 while in Middle School. With her school, she has played at the Gap on 34th Street, she has traveled to Florida to perform and has played at Carnegie Hall. However, after graduating from Middle School, she no longer plays as much as she used to.

Although Tiffany enjoys her job at the bookstore, her dream job would be to be a Marriage and Relationship Counselor. She greatly enjoys helping others. Tiffany explained why she wants to be a counselor by saying, “I like talking” and “I give the best advice.”

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