Carlos Mendoza, Postal Clerk


By Megan Caldwell

Sorting mail and handling packages is a large part of staffing the college post office.

One of the postal clerks at the package window is Carlos Mendoza, who spends 40 hours a week in the mailroom sorting mail, shelving packages, and correcting addresses that are mislabeled.

Originally from the Dominican Republic, Carlos moved to the United States 24 years ago in hopes of making a better living for himself.

He prides himself on his hardworking attitude and determination. Carlos believes these personality traits have allowed him to provide a great life for his family in the Bronx. Carlos has four children, with his eldest daughter graduating from Fordham in 2014 and attending Duke medical school. Carlos also hopes his other children will attend the university, as his daughter received an excellent education.

As a boy in the Dominican Republic, Carlos imagined himself as a professional basketball player. When asked about his favorite pastime, Carlos chuckled and said, “I’ve always loved basketball, I’m a Lakers fan all the way! I idolize Kobe Bryant.”

In a more serious tone, Carlos explained how he wished to be a lawyer at one point in his life, but realized this dream was also unrealistic.

With a clear emphasizes on the importance of higher education, Carlos feels the best advice he could give to his children would be to, “focus on education and be disciplined in all that you do, if you follow this simple rule, there is nothing you can’t achieve”


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