Lewd Mr. Matt

By Jamie C. Baker

My first job was working at what is still one of my favorite fast food restaurants, specializing in chicken. The schedule was perfect and the benefits of free meals on break definitely appealed to me as a 16-year-old. I was quickly moved from a fry station to drive-thru based on my customer skills and speed.

Each location was independently owned and our owner, Mr. “Matt,” seemed to be a fairly good boss. Granted, he was way too enthused about giving me a 15 cent raise, but all in all he treated employees well. 

One night, I was mopping the bathrooms after the dining area had closed, doing women’s first and then cleaning up in the men’s. Mr. “Matt” opened the swinging door and I assumed he was checking in on me, so I let him know that I was nearly done. He proceeded to unzip his pants and use the urinal in full view of me. And I mean in FULL VIEW. No 16-year-old girl needs to see an over 40-year-old ding-a-ling and I high-tailed it out of there!

I was later told by a shift manager that Mr. “Matt” is just a comfortable person and isn’t shy or reserved. This became apparent later on in his interactions with customers; I witnessed him spank a 20-something female on her rear, ogle teenager girls who were dressed as though they just came from track practice (short shorts), and make lewd comments at cheerleaders.

The problem was, he was so beloved in the adult community that the complaints from us “children” didn’t go far and nothing was ever done. It got to the point where I ended up quitting and all females I knew made it a point to utilize the drive-thru only when they were craving some chicken. It’s a shame, especially based on the company values (they are very wholesome), and I do hope that at this point Mr. “Matt” has been terminated.

Reprinted with permission from Dinners From Hell.

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