The Neverending Job Search

By Maile Skye

I’ve been on the job hunt on and off for about seven years. I worked a restaurant job that I adored for over five of those years, but every few months I would put my feelers out, looking for an opportunity that would offer me more stability. I’ve spent so many hours of my life on craigslist, on monster, on hcareers. I don’t know how to not look for a job.

And yet, I haven’t found that job yet.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had jobs that I enjoyed. Again, I loved working for the restaurant. I made amazing, lifelong friends there. I enjoyed going to work. Hell, I like interacting with the public. But it was the job for my twenties, and I’m no longer there.

I’ve worked for start-up companies where what I had to say really mattered. I adored that feeling, the concept that my words would make a lifelong difference in the company. But while the hours may have been regular, these companies offered even less stability than the restaurant industry.

I haven’t had benefits since I was too old to be on my mother’s plan.

I’m studying English and Creative Writing now, for a degree that will allow me to teach at the community college level, but little else. I would love to teach, I feel like that would satisfy my desire to help others while still allowing me some creativity. But is it that job?

Sometimes I feel that as a woman in my thirties I should know more. I should be aware of what would make me happy, what I could do for the rest of my life.

But I don’t.

If you see this, future employers, it does not mean that I wouldn’t be happy with your company. You could be the solution, the position that offers me stability but creative freedom. You could be the one that sets the path for my thirties.

I’ve recently been hired for a new position. As a server, yay me. But living in San Francisco, I’m blown away at what this offers me. Benefits, sick pay, public transportation vouchers. But what it doesn’t offer me – stability.

So yesterday I attended my orientation, day one for a new position, and this morning I found myself continuing to apply for jobs. Still looking for something that will be that job. A job worthy of an intelligent woman such as myself.

I wonder, what happens when I find it? When I’m content and compensated and no longer need to look for a better position on craigslist, what then?

What is life like for someone who is on a solid career path?

Reprinted with permission from Mai So-Called Blog.

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