Freddy, Manager, Burger Lodge

By Lizbeth Brosnan

Burger Lodge, located on East 189th Street in the Bronx between Belmont and Cambreleng Avenue is a staple restaurant for Fordham students, catering to their desire for some traditional comfort food. The menu is large and diverse and the atmosphere is especially welcoming.  Hungry Fordham students can always be found in this popular joint.

The warm and welcoming atmosphere is something that makes Burger Lodge especially enjoyable for customers.

In talking to Freddy, manager of Burger Lodge, we learned some about his family and the history of the restaurant, which opened last February. Freddy spoke with pride and respect about his son, Ferso, who is not only a student at Fordham University’s Gabelli School of Business, but the actual owner of Burger Lodge.  It is easy to tell that he is very proud of his son for accomplishing his dream of establishing a popular restaurant for college students.

Freddy, originally from Macedonia, has lived in the Bronx ever since coming to the United States.

The best part about Burger Lodge, he says, is that “The customers are happy with the food”. Everyone is always happy with the food. Freddy explained how the customers are mostly students from Fordham. There is even a Burger Lodge challenge, nicknamed “Lodgezilla” by a Fordham University student.


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