Bernard Baptiste, Security Guard


By Lisbeth Brosnan

Bernard Baptiste, one of the many security guards working at Fordham University, can be found in freshmen residence hall, Alumni Court South. Having worked at Fordham for 22 years, Bernard is well-known and well-liked by many Fordham students.

Bernard moved to America in 1978 from Antigua in the Caribbean. Bernard came to the United States as a child, without his family. He has lived in the Bronx ever since.  He has four children, two sons and two daughters. His eldest son is 36 and his youngest son is 24 and attending medical school at the University of Miami. His oldest daughter is studying at Hunter College and his youngestuHun, aged 18, has not yet decided what she would like to do.

Before working at Fordham, Bernard worked as a police officer in the Bronx. In addition to his nightly hours as a security guard, Bernard also held a job helping people with cerebral palsy. He enjoyed the work but gave it up two years ago because of the intense demands of the job.

Bernard truly enjoys working at Fordham. He explained that he has met many good people in the security department. However, he most enjoys the bonds he can form with the students of Fordham. Bernard believes that community is extremely important and enjoys making these necessary connections.

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