I Would Like

I would like to tarnish my gaze
with a cloud of crying,
and relieve my heavy eyelids
of tears eager
to fall like the rain.
I would hide my voice
in the echo of the sea
and in the dark northern gannets,
for not to hear the babble of that deep unexpected sigh
that dares to replicate
the sorrow of my life,
with my lips trembling
still pretend
to kiss you yet.
I would like to get away from you
maze of caresses,
sweet halite to ravish
and in the end . . .  you get away.

Oswaldo Rodriguez, born in Ecuador 49 years ago,  has lived in the U.S. for 20 years. He writes: I was a literature student in Ecuador. I like to write in verse and prose. I would like to thank my teacher, Jackie Bain, who encouraged me to follow my dream of becoming a writer. Also, I am really grateful to the Consortium for Worker Education for the wonderful program where we can improve
the way we speak and write in English.

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