Dominick, Public Safety team

By Victoria Van Demark

Dominick is a member of the Public Safety team at Fordham University.

His duties consist of monitoring cameras, taking phone calls, dispatching vehicles, as well as dispatching Emergency Medical Services. Dominick most looks forward to the emergency calls. There is always something interesting on the other end of the line.

He has a 45-minute commute from Connecticut to the Bronx. However, he does not work a seven day week. While each week is different, he typically works a 12 hour day adding up to a 48 hour week.

Dominick grew up in a family of five; his parents, his two sisters, and himself. His heritage is a mix of French, Haitian, and Dominican. When Dominick first came to New York he enjoyed spending time with his friends. After receiving his security license, Dominick went to
work at Fordham.

Dominick’s favorite thing about himself is his sense of humor. Throughout the interview he kept everyone laughing. His advice would be, “There is a time and a place for everything.”


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