Stories by Home Health Workers



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As Executive Director of the 1199 NE Training Fund, I’ve had the privilege of hearing the members tell their stories for many years. I’ve heard uplifting stories and tragic stories. Many stories bring smiles to my face; others leave me sad and shaking my head.
Mercy Osei-Sarbeng, a writer published here, said, “Besides being healthcare workers, we all have personal stories to share, which indeed is for the common good for everyone to hear.” How right she is. I hope that reading this beautiful collection will give you some insight into the world that these committed nursing home workers live in every day. — Steve Bender, Executive Director, 1199 NE Training & Upgrading Fund, Hartford, CT

Publishing With Our Loving Hands fulfills a longtime dream: to mentor worker writers who contribute so much to the social good and to bring their stories to the public. In writing workshops I have listened to many stories about labor. Now they are in print. When workers are given the time to write, read aloud and discuss their stories, the value of their work is reaffirmed. Publishing those stories builds union solidarity and union power, because they show the community the value, honor and heroism of their members. I am proud to help 1199 NE nourish the
creativity and pride of the nursing home workers they represent.

— Timothy Sheard, Hard Ball Press

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