Two Food Workers: Alginet Graham, Madelene Cruz

Meeting Workers at Fordham

By Sara Gillooly

Alginet Graham works at Panda Express located in the basement of Fordham University’s McGinley Center. She was just recently transferred from another Panda Express, also in the Bronx. When she found out that she was being transferred to Fordham she was excited about the opportunity because her mom also used to work on Fordham’s campus many years ago. So far she’s thoroughly enjoyed her time spent as a Panda Express worker, as she loves talking to the Fordham students.

When Alginet isn’t working at Panda Express, she’s at home sewing clothes for her eight-month old son. Her husband stays home and takes care of him while she goes to work everyday.

Madelene Cruz works in the basement of Fordham University’s Keating Hall selling snacks and premade sandwiches. She has worked at Fordham for a year now and doesn’t have much of an opinion on whether or not she has been enjoying her job. She found a listing on craigslist for the cashier position she currently holds.

Madelene is originally from New York and now resides in the Bronx near campus. When she’s not working at Fordham, she has catering job.


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