Gina Effah, Restaurant Manager, Cashier


Meeting workers in New York City

By Sara Gillooly

Thirty-year old Gina Effah has been a manager and cashier at Popeye’s on West 14th Street since 2006. Although she lit up when talking about the friendships she’s made while working there, she expressed that her job is not something that she is looking to do permanently. Her immediate plans were sidetracked when she had her first-born baby while still in the process of studying to earn a degree. While at school, Gina’s father passed away, leaving her solely responsible to pay for the remainder of her education.

Gina now has three children while still at school studying radiology part time. Her husband is currently working as a nurse but his salary hasn’t been enough to support the family. She feels as though that even with her husband working, the couple is constantly struggling for money and living paycheck to paycheck. Her job at Popeye’s is a way for her to make a little extra money and push herself through the remainder of school.

Gina feels that her coworkers are like family to her. Still, she mentioned that most people don’t work with her long. A majority of employees at Popeye’s are teen-agers and workers are constantly changing. Because of the fact that Gina is juggling

supporting her family, getting an education, and having a job all at the same time, she only works one day a week. Each day that she works, Gina commutes from her home in New Jersey. Even with the long commute she enjoys being able to work in Manhattan. She used to work at another Popeye’s location closer to her home but she was transferred shortly after being hired. The perks of her job at Popeye’s are that she can take free food whenever she likes and is able to bring some home with her for her family.

Once she finishes her associate’s degree, Gina wants to start a career as an X-Ray Technician and then get her four-year bachelors degree. Even as a child, Gina knew that she wanted to go into the sciences as her field of study.

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