My Jobs: Camp, Food, Security

What I Learned from My Own Work

By Andrew O’Grady

I was born in raised in the Bronx, New York and was constantly surrounded by people who were hard-working and employed. My mom had been supporting herself since she was fifteen years old with various jobs and my dad has worked with New York City Sanitation for about 20 years.

My first job was a summer camp job at my old middle school, Villa Maria Academy, in the the Bronx. I became a camp counselor there when I was 13 years old. This has to be one of my favorite jobs had because it shaped a love for working with children. The job helped me understand kids and discover how to interact with them.

When I was 16, I took a job in a restaurant called the Rambling House in the Bronx, but it turned out that hated this job with a passion. The hours were long and tedious and after a shift I felt physically depleted and exhausted. Working here taught me the importance of loving a job

because if I had to get up every day for a shift at the Rambling House I would have lost my mind. It showed me that you have to become someone who isn’t afraid to take chances to be someone that you want to be or do something you want to accomplish.

After about 3 years I quit the Rambling House to work at my current job at Fordham University Fordham Public Safety, where I work the front desk. Compared to my other jobs, Public Safety isn’t that bad. It’s easy, clean and sometimes a little bit fun. I’m allowed to sometimes do homework there and it provides me with more work experience in a more professional setting.



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