“The True Meaning of Pain and Sorrow”

Within each of us, there burns a light of over a billions and billions of souls screaming in agony, of all the pains we hold inside of us

All the hard and tough times we go through, each and everydays of our lives, we try to hang on to our humanilty, our dreams, our destiny, our faith, our hope, and ourselves, and we must never giving up and never surrender.

Trying to save those for whom we care and love, including ourselves, and no matter how hard we try, we always get hurt most of all. It is these hard times we call Life.

Anthony Roman,

Anthony is looking for work at four more fast food outlets after being fired from a McDonalds franchise for lateness. “I’ll work seven days. I’ll do whatever it takes.” He is making time to write and to draw graphic illustrations; he and graphic artist Chris McCamic of Rochester, NY, recently learned that the “Unionizer” figure first appeared publicly in 1911.

An in-progress Unionizer graphic by Anthony Roman

An in-progress Unionizer graphic by Anthony Roman

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